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One of the other essential products that Libbey-Owens-Ford produced and utilized during WWII was resin glue, a glue used to secure airplane parts together. As the images show, many women worked with the glue in the company's Plaskon division to…

Because of their efforts after the war, women became a more integral part of the industrial field. By 1948, Willys-Overland had several women in the role of plant supervisor, ensuring the success of production.

Because of the efficiency of Jeep production by Willys-Overland Motors, the Army and Navy presented them an award to show the company that they valued their efforts.

One of the most memorable pieces of production that Toledo, Ohio, manufactured was the Jeep at Willys-Overland Motors. In this pamphlet from 1943, the production of the Jeep is in great detail, even including images of women assembling one.

A group of Ohio women who lost their husbands in the Pearl Harbor attack felt that it was their duty to serve the country during wartime. They entered into aircraft factories to work, which was offered to them by the Navy Relief Fund.

At the beginning of the United States' involvement in the war, Doehler Die Co. won special recognition from the U.S. Navy department for their defense production program. Women were involved in this recognition for their role as inspectors of the…

Among the many jobs that Toledo women took on during the war, women also began working on the railroads, providing maintenance, cleaning, and operations.

As the need for more women in the Army hospitals during WWII increased, and as recruitment levels remained low, the Red Cross was eventually invited to extend its service as nurses' aids to the men on the battlefield.

In order to get those who hadn't been solicited in the war effort to contribute, the Toledo Red Cross set up stations around the city to suggest donating to the war fund.

A group of eighth graders from Glenwood School created the Girls' Activity Friendship Society when they were told they were too young to volunteer for the Toledo Red Cross Chapter. The GAFS was accepted into Robinwood Hospital to volunteer one…
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